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Recyclable Job Tray Tags (100pcs)

Cardboard job tray tags (100pcs)


SKU: Nerdwax
Prevents glasses from slipping. Made with a beeswax based blend and natural ingredients. Apply directly on nose pads. Easily removable

Special Permanent Marker

Ideal for writing on coated lenses, fine point.

Anti-Fog Defog It (15ml or 30ml)

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, powerful anti-fog solution so your vision can stay clear and uninterrupted, you’ve come to the right place. This military-grade fog stopper was originally designed to provide the Navy Seals with fog-free vision in the most extreme conditions. So rest assured, this will outperform anything you’ve tried before. Our nanotech-powered Anti Fog solutions form a thin invisible layer on your lenses that’s guaranteed to give you crystal clear vision while you work in the heat, humidity, cold, or changing environments. And if you’re looking for an Anti Fog solution for your skiing trip, scuba diving with sharks, or any one of your upcoming adventures where you need to brave the elements, we’ve got you covered. Available in 15ml drops or 30ml spray.

UV Flash Light, 9 or 51 LED

Photochromic lens testing flash light. Choice of 9 or 51 LED. (Batteries not included)

Silicone Lens Protector – Fish

SKU: PR-280
Tool to prevent accidental scratches on lenses when replacing nose pads or adjusting pad arms.

Make-up Magnifying Reading Glasses

Make-up Magnifying Reading Glasses 4 Degree options

Anti-Fog Product

Anti-static action, repels dirt and dust. Lens treatment for all types of lenses (anti-reflection, plastic, mineral, mirror).


Easily wipes up liquid and dust. Anti-stat dispensing reduces lint. 280 per box.

Universal Silver Solder Pallarium

In stick form with incorporated flux. 12 sticks of 15 cm. Melting temperature: 630°C (1160° F)

Sports Headband Cord

CSST-S (18cm to 25cm) CSST-M (23cm to 35cm)

Soft Contact Lens Inserter/Remover JN-6451

The DMV Inserter and Remover is used for the insertion and removal of soft contact lenses. This product can be

Polarized Filter Tester

Used to quickly verify if polarized lenses mounted in a frame are on axis. Place the tester in front of

Instruments for Installing Fresnel and Bangerter Prisms

With this instrument the installation of Fresnel prisms and Bangerter occlusion sheets will be faster and easier without air bubbles. *Take a look at this video below*