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Kids Temple Tips Hooks (5prs)

CESBE – Brown silicone anti-slip holders for kids CESNE – Black silicone anti-slip holders for kids CESBLE – Blue silicone

Silicone Temple Tips Hook (5prs)

CESB – Brown silicone anti-slip holders CESN – Black silicone anti-slip holders CESW – White silicone anti-slip holders CESC –

Silicone Temple Tips (5prs)

Silicone Temple Tips 1.4mm x 65mm (5prs) Black, Brown, Clear

Flat Heat Shrink Temple Sleeves

ITEM #                          FLAT WIDTH                            DIAMETER TT-T260                                4mm                                          2,5mm TT-T261                                 5mm                                         3,2mm TT-T262                                 7mm                                         4,4mm TT-T263                                 9mm                                          5,7mm TT-T264                               13mm                                         8,3mm


SKU: Nerdwax
Prevents glasses from slipping. Made with a beeswax based blend and natural ingredients. Apply directly on nose pads. Easily removable

Flat Acetate Temple Tips

Flat Acetate Temple Tips (5prs - 7prs)

Pad Arms BP-77 (3 PRS)

SKU: BP-77
Stainless steel pad arm to insert for acetate frames. 15mm

Silicone Lens Protector – Fish

SKU: PR-280
Tool to prevent accidental scratches on lenses when replacing nose pads or adjusting pad arms.

Lens Liquid Interliner

SKU: CO-A3004
The latex-free liquid provides lens protection and betters lens fit; safe to use on all lens types; will dry to

PL-T189/6 | Silicone Stick-On Clear Nose Pads

SKU: PL-T189/6
6 pairs adhesive silicone clear nose pads

Nose Pads Kit

Choice of 25, 50 ou 100 pairs of each model PL-SSP13           PL-SSP15         

PL-PAUTOC19 | Stick-On Nose Pads 19mm (2 prs)

2 pairs adhesive nose pads 19mm (thickness 1mm)  

Magnetic Mat

SKU: JZ-8058
Avoids losing small metallic objects such as screws, nuts, etc.

Black Rubber Rings for Hinges (10 pcs)

SKU: TT-A3000
Outer diameter 6mm, inner diameter 4mm, thickness 2mm