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Logic® Screws (25pcs)

11.6mm length snaps off clean at any point on the screw. Replaces standard, spring hinge, and self-tapping screws. Proprietary Tight

Logic® Nose Pads Silicone (28prs)

Patented design fit’s both screw-on and push-on assemblies.

UV Glue

For hardening under UV light like COL-TEST or LP-UV 10 g

Silicone Lens Protector – Fish

SKU: PR-280
Tool to prevent accidental scratches on lenses when replacing nose pads or adjusting pad arms.


SKU: Nerdwax
Prevents glasses from slipping. Made with a beeswax based blend and natural ingredients. Apply directly on nose pads. Easily removable

Magnetic Mat

SKU: JZ-8058
Avoids losing small metallic objects such as screws, nuts, etc.

Frame Repair Paints

Frame repair paints for repair and decoration. Paints are miscible.

Penloc ZT

Glue prevents screws from loosening, quick setting time, 10ml

Loctite 243

SKU: CO-243
Blue thread glue can be easily unscrewed. 10ml

Loctite 425

SKU: CO-425
Blue thread locker compatible with polycarbonate. Can be easily unscrewed. Fast curing. 20g

Loctite 460

SKU: CO-460
Powerful cyanoacrylate base glue compatible with polycarbonate. Low odor. 20g KEEP REFRIGERATED

Liquid Silicone Cement

SKU: CO-V205
Great fluidity. Precise needle tip application. Recommended for polycarbonate gluing.

Black Rubber Rings for Hinges (10 pcs)

SKU: TT-A3000
Outer diameter 6mm, inner diameter 4mm, thickness 2mm

Lens Liquid Interliner

SKU: CO-A3004
The latex-free liquid provides lens protection and betters lens fit; safe to use on all lens types; will dry to