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Nose Pads Kit

Choice of 25, 50 ou 100 pairs of each model PL-SSP13           PL-SSP15         

Set of Gold Screws

SKU: B90-1/D
Including 10 varieties of screws: I-101/D, VI-102/D, VI-200/D, VI-203/D, VI-204/D, VI-302/D, VI-310/D, EN-310/D, VI-401/D, VI-402/D

Set of Silver Screws

SKU: B90-1
Including 10 varieties of screws : VI-101, VI-102, VI-200, VI-203, VI-204, VI-302, VI-310, EN-310, VI-401, VI-402 We can make a

Set of 120 Pairs of Temple Tips

SKU: EM-V700
INCLUDING  : 4 colors : Clear, Brown, Black and Tortoise 6 diameters : 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, 1.4mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm Length

Tool to Insert the Top Rim Liner

SKU: OU-102
For an easy and fast introduction of figure 8 top rim liner

Special Nose Pads Kit

PL-SMR9 x 5 prs                 PL-PAUTOC19 x 6 prs           

UV Glue

For hardening under UV light like COL-TEST or LP-UV 10 g

Loctite 460

SKU: CO-460
Powerful cyanoacrylate base glue compatible with polycarbonate. Low odor. 20g KEEP REFRIGERATED

Loctite 425

SKU: CO-425
Blue thread locker compatible with polycarbonate. Can be easily unscrewed. Fast curing. 20g

PL-V6123T | Snappy Nose Pads Kit

SKU: PL-V6123T
Conversion kit including 10 pairs of nose pads, 1.5mm drill bit and template Nose pads: 16mm

Logic® Nose Pads Silicone (28prs)

Patented design fit’s both screw-on and push-on assemblies.