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SKU: Nerdwax
Prevents glasses from slipping. Made with a beeswax based blend and natural ingredients. Apply directly on nose pads. Easily removable

Silicone Lens Protector – Fish

SKU: PR-280
Tool to prevent accidental scratches on lenses when replacing nose pads or adjusting pad arms.

Bulb Heine #078

SKU: BT078
Bulb for Translluminator Heine XHL #078, XHL 078, XHL078, XHL-078, KHX.080, X-002.88.078, X-02.88.078

M3 Frame Warmer

Made in Germany Maximum Temp 160 Celsius Size 275 x 135 x 145mm Voltage 110V, 60HZ Rated Power 450W 2 years warranty

Make-up Magnifying Reading Glasses

Make-up Magnifying Reading Glasses 4 Degree options

Logic® Nose Pads Silicone (28prs)

Patented design fit's both screw-on and push-on assemblies.

Logic® Screws (25pcs)

11.6mm length snaps off clean at any point on the screw. Replaces standard, spring hinge, and self-tapping screws. Proprietary Tight Bond™ coating for a repair screw that will never back out.

Manual Pupilometer

SKU: PU-W2061
Keep one on hand as backup when your digital pupilometer is non-functional, or bring it with you for home service.

Magnetizing Block for Tools

SKU: RA-2184
TOTALLY COOL! MAGNETIZE YOUR TOOLS! Here is a way to get around the fact that the type of steel used to make pliers and driver blades cannot be permanently magnetized. This is the easy and efficient way to continuously provide a magnetic charge to drivers, tweezers and pliers to pick up those small screws and findings. (Tools not included)

Vitreous Floater Demonstrator

SKU: CF-7050
Vitreous Floater Demonstrator saves time in the exam room. This model of the eye clearly demonstrates how floaters suspend and drift. Patients will easily see and quickly comprehend the how and why about "spots and floaters", without you having to give repetitive and possibly alarming explanations. A shake of the globe sends the "floaters" swirling, pausing and drifting downwards, replicating what the patient is experiencing. The Vitreous Floater Demonstrator features mesh particles in a clear dense "vitreous fluid". The housing is made of transparent, durable molded plastic with an attractive eye applique. 3 1/2" W x 3 3/4" H x 4 1/4" D.

Lens Caliper

SKU: CA-309
LENS CALIPER Lens caliper with nylon tips for measuring lens thickness

Indirect Ophtalmoscope (Welch Allyn) (Halogen)

SKU: WA01200
Model 12000, 12500, 12500-D, 12500-DY, 12500-Y Lenght 25mm Code 01200 Voltage… 4.65V/2.58A Halogen

UV Glue

For hardening under UV light like COL-TEST or LP-UV 10 g

Screwdriver Sharpener AF-TO

Spring action holds screwdriver firmly in place. Steel wheels are carefully set into body to provide even action and proper angle when drawn over stone. (Screwdriver non included)

Ultrasonic Cleaning Device

SKU: US-4810
Dimensions: 265 x 230 x 180mm Tank capacity: 2000ml Power: 135 watts 35,000Hz Weight: 2.2kg

Instruments for Installing Fresnel and Bangerter Prisms

With this instrument the installation of Fresnel prisms and Bangerter occlusion sheets will be faster and easier without air bubbles. *Take a look at this video below*  

Lens Protector

Lens protector. Avoid scratching the glasses with the screwdriver when installing nose pads.


Outdoor reading with prism compensator.

Rotating Near Point Chart for Phoroptor

Rotating Near Point Chart for Phoroptor Fits: Topcon VT-10, AO/Reichert RxMaster & Ultramatic Refractors

Deblocking Pliers

SKU: PI-120/B
Deblocking Pliers for INDO-HOYA-NIDEK Deblocking Pliers

Mother Goose Vectograph

Polarized Goggles Included  

Titanium Trial Frame

SKU: LU-5080
Titanium trial frame Allows for 3 trial lenses at the front and 2 at the rear. The angle and height

Vented Scleral Cup

SKU: JI-6747
For Prosthetic Eye manipulation and Scleral Lens handling. Vented device to prevent any suction. Allows contact lenses to be placed

Vented Scleral Inserter

SKU: JI-6402
Vented With Suction Scleral Inserter

Parallel Pliers

SKU: PI-250
Parallel jaw for even pressure distribution

Magnetic Mat

SKU: JZ-8058
Avoids losing small metallic objects such as screws, nuts, etc.

Bangerter Foil Bar

Bangerter Foil Bar. Value 0.0 to ~1.0 Makes it easy to determine the appropriate occlusion foil for use in treating