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Double Jointed End Cutters

SKU: PI-V218
DOUBLE JOINTED END CUTTERS Superior strength. Suitable for stainless steel and titanium. Tungsten Carbide Blades. Compound action and return spring.

Side Cutting Pliers

SKU: PI-T139/E
SIDE CUTTING PLIERS Superposed, with plastic sheathed and return spring. Cutting capacity : stainless steel screws up to 1.6mm diameter.

Pliers and Tools Rack

SKU: RA-110
PLIERS AND TOOLS RACK Rack for pliers and tools, vanished wood. Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 12.5cm Approx. 7 pliers

Pantoscopic Angler PI-V5265

SKU: PI-V5265
PANTOSCOPIC ANGLER With wide and deep jaws to adjust and change the pantoscopic angle hinges and large plastic temples. 133mm.

Plier Rack

SKU: RA-117
PLIER RACK Plier rack in stainless steel. Width 210mm. Approximatively 8 pliers. Pliers not included  

Pliers Rack

SKU: RA-121
PLIERS RACK Pliers rack with stainless steel rods and crystal plates. Width 280mm. Approximatively 11 pliers. Pliers not included

Plier Rack

SKU: RA-120
PLIER RACK Plier rack with stainless steel rods and crystal plates Width 200mm. Approximately 8 pliers. Pliers not included

Flex Temple Mounting Pliers

SKU: PI-T208/B
FLEX TEMPLE MOUNTING PLIERS This kit enables to open the flex temple and then block it to enable the assembly

Tool Pouch

TOOL POUCH Including: PI-V5776     Eyewire sizing pliers PI-V5762     Flat holding pliers PI-V5029    Long nose chain pliers PI-V053 

Side Cutting Plier Superposed PI-T210/E

SKU: PI-T210/E
SIDE CUTTING PLIER SUPERPOSED With large cutting capacity in vanadium chrome. PVC plasticized handles.   Cutting capacity: Soft steel –

Premium Stainless Steel Cutter

SKU: PI-V211
PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL CUTTER Highest quality Lindstrom cutter is strong enough to cut stainless steel. 140mm.

Oblique Cutter

SKU: PI-V062
OBLIQUE CUTTER Head has a pointed tip for getting into tight places. Nickel-plated carbon steel. Semi-flush cut. Not recommended for

Deblocking Pliers

SKU: PI-V713
DEBLOCKING PLIERS Features internal circular serrations for a secure grip when removing edging blocks. Slightly oval jaw ranges from 13.3mm

Meniscus and Bending Pliers

SKU: PI-V5710
MENISCUS AND BENDING PLIERS With nylon jaws for adjusting bridges, temple tips and temples. Practical to change the pantoscopic angle.

Nylon Eyewire Forming Pliers (Small)

SKU: PI-V5720

Nylon Eyewire Forming Pliers

SKU: PI-V769

Push-On Nose Pads Removal Pliers

SKU: PI-V050
PUSH-ON NOSE PADS REMOVAL PLIERS These stainless steel pliers remove push-on nose pads without altering arm adjustment. 127mm.

Long and Slim Jaw Pad Adjuster

SKU: PI-V1605
LONG AND SLIM JAW PAD ADJUSTER Slim, long 34mm jaw, useful for reaching into small spaces. Recommended for press-on nose

Thin Jaw Pad Adjusting Pliers

SKU: PI-V1601
THIN JAW PAD ADJUSTING PLIERS Extra narrow, 4.5mm, jaw facilitates adjustment on high minus lenses. Recommended for screw-on nose pads.

Long Bent Nose Pliers

SKU: PI-V7833
LONG BENT NOSE PLIERS 14 mm long curved jaws tapering to 1.5 mm at tip.

Bent Nose Pliers

SKU: PI-V329
BENT NOSE PLIERS Standard short, curved jaws for getting in those hard-to-reach spots.

Pliers for Driving Out Screws

SKU: PI-218/B
PLIERS FOR DRIVING OUT SCREWS For driving out screws and rivets

Screw Holding Pliers PI-V5250

SKU: PI-V5250
SCREW HOLDING PLIERS Stronger than tweezers. Dimple in jaws hold screw securely.

Screw Holding Pliers PI-111/S

SKU: PI-111/S
SCREW HOLDING PLIERS Dimple in jaws hold screws securely. 140mm.

Ultra-Slim Chain Nose Pliers

SKU: PI-V270
ULTRA-SLIM CHAIN NOSE PLIERS Lightweight pliers with cushion grips. Jaws taper from 4.8mm to 0.8mm. Designed for delicate work. Length

Slimline Chain Nose Pliers

SKU: PI-V1105
SLIMLINE CHAIN NOSE PLIERS Jaws taper from 6.7mm to 1mm. Length of jaws 23mm. Total length 127mm.

Long Nose Chain Pliers

SKU: PI-V5029
LONG NOSE CHAIN PLIERS Long 7mm jaws taper to 1mm to reach into small places. Jaw length 35mm. 146mm.

Flat and Round Nose Pliers

SKU: PI-V047
FLAT AND ROUND NOSE PLIERS Designed to change the curvature of pad arm loops. Flat jaw 7mm to 1,5mm ;

Tri-Points Pliers

SKU: PI-658
TRI-POINTS PLIERS Smooth round jaws for pad arm adjustment and reduces bridge distances on metal frames. Total length 120mm.

Slimline Round Nose Pliers

SKU: PI-V1205
SLIMLINE ROUND NOSE PLIERS For bending circular shapes and general repairs. Both jaws are rounded and tapered, from 4.5 mm

Pliers for Bending Temples

SKU: PI-154
PLIERS FOR BENDING TEMPLES Pliers with round nylon jaw and flat nylon jaw with grooves. 138mm

Narrow Pliers

SKU: PI-T233/B
NARROW PLIERS Two nylon jaws from 6mm to 3,5mm. Total length 140mm.

Flat Holding Pliers

SKU: PI-V5762
FLAT HOLDING PLIERS Two jaws from 8.5mm to 7mm. Total length 127mm.

Bracing Pliers

SKU: PI-V055
BRACING PLIERS For general use on both plastic and metal. Hold the front or end piece while using other pliers

Grooved Endpiece Adjuster

SKU: PI-V5765
GROOVED ENDPIECE ADJUSTER Useful for bending and adjusting thin metal frames and rimless end pieces. One tapered metal jaw and

Inclination Pliers PI-V5775

SKU: PI-V5775
INCLINATION PLIERS For adjustment of pad arms, temples and end pieces. One 10mm nylon jaw, one thin metal jaw. 140mm.

Inclination Pliers Slimline

SKU: PI-V053
INCLINATION PLIERS SLIMLINE For adjustment of pad arms, temples and end pieces. One 7mm nylon jaw, one round metal jaw.

Inclination Pliers PI-V5764

SKU: PI-V5764
INCLINATION PLIERS For adjustment of pad arms, temples and end pieces. One 10mm nylon jaw, one round metal jaw. 140mm.

Lens Axis Pliers

SKU: PI-V808
LENS AXIS PLIERS 24.5mm diameter jaw. Total length 190mm.

Lens Axis Pliers (Oval)

SKU: PI-V809
LENS AXIS PLIERS (OVAL) Two oval jaws 19 x 13mm. Total length 150mm.

Eyewire Sizing Pliers

SKU: PI-V5776
For testing the lens size inside the frame. 140mm.

Flaring Pliers

SKU: PI-172/S
With wide jaws. 135mm.

Finger Piece Pliers PI-V5040G

SKU: PI-V5040G
With holes in the jaw allowing to grip the hinge. 120mm.

Temple Angling Pliers PI-V5699

SKU: PI-V5699
Wide jaw with holes allowing to grip the hinge. 140mm.

Temple Angling Pliers PI-V5041G

SKU: PI-V5041G
Wide jaw with holes allowing to grip the hinge. 127mm.

Mounting Pliers PI-T193/B

SKU: PI-T193/B
With 2 plastic jaws including swiveling elements. 150mm.

Mounting Pliers PI-T198/B

SKU: PI-T198/B
With one fixed jaw and one swiveling jaw. 150mm.

Disassembly Pliers PI-V710

SKU: PI-V710
Use on pressure mount rimless style frames with « double barrel » retaining bushings. 146mm.