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Universal Trial Frame

SKU: LU-T387
Has the ability to accommodate 4 trial lenses 38mm on each side. PD range from 48 to 80mm. Adjustable temples

Titanium Trial Frame

SKU: LU-5080
Titanium trial frame Allows for 3 trial lenses at the front and 2 at the rear. The angle and height

Individual Trial Lens

Please tell us which trial lens you desire in the facturation comments section.

104 Trial Lens Set (Silver)

SKU: TL-G8104
Silver rim 104 PCS INCLUDING: • Sph(- and +): – 0.12: 2pcs – 0.25~2.00: 0.25D steps, 2pcs of each; –

266 Trial Lens Set (Red/Black)

SKU: TL-G8266-1
Case with 266 trial lenses, red/black rim          (Trial frame not included) Including: • Sph(- and +):

266 Trial Lens Set (Silver)

SKU: TL-G8266
Case with 266 trial lenses, silver rim Including: • Sph(- and +): – 0.12: 2pcs, – 0.25~6.00: 0.25D steps, 2pcs