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M3 Frame Warmer

Made in Germany Maximum Temp 160 Celsius Size 275 x 135 x 145mm Voltage 110V, 60HZ Rated Power 450W 2 years warranty

Salt Pan Frame Warmer

SKU: EQ-3106
Salt Pan Frame Warmer

Vispa Frame Warmer

Made in Italy Low noise With concentrator Temperature: ~ 120°C with closed lid ~ 150 °C with hot air concentrator inserted. Power: 450 watts Dimensions: 125 x 100 x 270mm Weight: 1,8kg 3 years warranty

Frame Warmer VE-G3904

SKU: VE-G3904
With concentrator Temperature from 40 ° C to 150 ° C 1 year warranty

Frame Warmer VE-G3903A

SKU: VE-G3903A
With concentrator Temperature from 80 °C to 110 °C 1 year warranty