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Silicone Lens Protector – Fish

SKU: PR-280
Tool to prevent accidental scratches on lenses when replacing nose pads or adjusting pad arms.

Logic® Screws (25pcs)

11.6mm length snaps off clean at any point on the screw. Replaces standard, spring hinge, and self-tapping screws. Proprietary Tight Bond™ coating for a repair screw that will never back out.

Magnetic Mat

SKU: JZ-8058
Avoids losing small metallic objects such as screws, nuts, etc.

Set of Gold Screws

SKU: B90-1/D
Including 10 varieties of screws: I-101/D, VI-102/D, VI-200/D, VI-203/D, VI-204/D, VI-302/D, VI-310/D, EN-310/D, VI-401/D, VI-402/D

Set of Silver Screws

SKU: B90-1
Including 10 varieties of screws : VI-101, VI-102, VI-200, VI-203, VI-204, VI-302, VI-310, EN-310, VI-401, VI-402 We can make a