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Lens Liquid Interliner

SKU: CO-A3004
The latex-free liquid provides lens protection and betters lens fit; safe to use on all lens types; will dry to

Black Rubber Rings for Hinges (10 pcs)

SKU: TT-A3000
Outer diameter 6mm, inner diameter 4mm, thickness 2mm

Liquid Silicone Cement

SKU: CO-V205
Great fluidity. Precise needle tip application. Recommended for polycarbonate gluing.

Lens Grip Interliner

SKU: FD-V954
For metal frames, with prefixed adhesive on both sides. Simply wrap around the lens and insert the lens in the

Tool to Insert the Top Rim Liner

SKU: OU-102
For an easy and fast introduction of figure 8 top rim liner

Rimless Mounting Tool

SKU: OU-610
Hook for easy insertion or removal of lenses in semi-rimless.